Imprivata Credential Passthrough with Citrix

When using Imprivata with XenDesktop or VDI-In-A-Box, you may find that connecting to a session results in your arriving at the Windows user login screen instead of a desktop. In order for the Imprivata credential passthrough to work in these environments, you need to install the agent via the command line with the following switch:


This will let Imprivata act as a Network Provider (it will appear in the ProviderOrder settings) and will allow for seamless credential passthrough from a Citrix Receiver or RDP client into an SSO-enabled desktop.

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One thought on “Imprivata Credential Passthrough with Citrix

  1. Having the following issues relating to Citrix and Imprivata Tap and Go with XenApp and AppSense..

    Imprivata 5.1 Agent
    Citrix Receiver 4.5/4.6/4.7 all do the same thing
    XenApp 7.6

    1. Intermittent: Citrix Receiver not enumerating applications
    a. Receiver shows appropriately logged in user, but no applications are being presented to end user
    2. Intermittent: Fast user switching:
    a. API call not triggering Application Refresh
    i. Disconnected sessions not automatically being reconnected
    b. User manually refreshing applications (1 – 4 times) pulls over disconnected sessions.
    3. Intermittent: Storefront does not switch users
    a. Thinclient stays logged in and client credentials are not passed to storefront and applications are not enumerated
    4. Citrix Receiver Classic screen displaying (green bubbles) and not the Unified Experience screen (purple bar at top)
    a. Also experiencing slow enumeration of application with this situation: 30 seconds – 2 minutes for all applications to display in the receiver

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