Windows: KMS Not Auto-Licensing MS Office

So, you set up your KMS server and you activated the license key for your version of Office.  You ran the slmgr.vbs /dlv all command and confirmed that all is configured correctly there. You installed Office on your master image, pointed it at the proper KMS server, re-armed it for activation, and recomposed without ever opening the software. You spun up a fresh virtual desktop, opened Microsoft Word, and found that your version of Office had not been activated. You ran the ospp.vbs /act command and found that KMS did its job, but you thought running that command as part of a startup script seemed like a bad solution to your problem. If all that sounds about right, the good news is that you’re almost there. The fix is simple and, weirdly, hidden in plain sight.

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Modifying the ThinPrint Refresh Timer in VMware View

If you are using VMware’s ThinPrint solution to map printers, you may already be aware that the tool will check every 30 seconds for new printers by default. Effectively, ThinPrint is supplied with an interval, and every time that interval passes, it looks for any printers that have been mapped or unmapped from the endpoint. If it finds any changes, it forwards them to the virtual session. After that, it begins the countdown anew, and the cycle repeats.

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