Imprivata: Thin Client Preventing New Users from Logging In

Scenario: User A logs into a session on a thin/zero client, then walks away for 10 minutes without disconnecting. Imprivata, configured to secure the idle workstation at that time, attempts to lock the machine. The box returns to the local login screen, but the username and domain are pre-populated, and new users cannot login over User A before manually signing them out of the local device. In other words, the device is behaving like an Imprivata Type 1 (Single-User) machine. Ostensibly, it looks like Imprivata is preventing new users from logging in.

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Imprivata and the Wyse Xenith 2

Five posts into this blog and I’ve already had to talk about the Xenith 2 twice. The reasons for this are several: the information is fresh in my mind; the device is newer and lacks extensive documentation on the Googles as yet; I’m trying to stay motivated to keep this little project going by writing often, and I ran into all kinds of problems with these things…

Anyway, in addition to the aforementioned¬†virtual driver error¬†there were a few “gotchas” (as I am told they are called in the biz), so I will keep the exposition short in an attempt to cover everything in a single, hopefully intelligible post.

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Virtual Driver Error

I cannot decide if it is more infuriating to Google a problem and get no results or to get a single result that is not helpful in any way.

I came across this problem at a customer recently and the only thing the search giant could offer me was a singular thread on a forum somewhere that basically said “We had this problem. Then it went away and we can’t reproduce it. Nevermind I guess.”

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