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Imprivata: Being Asked to Enroll Previously Enrolled Badges

First and foremost, I should note that this post will deal specifically with RFIDeas-brand proximity card readers. If you are seeing this problem with any other variety, hopefully I can provide some insight, but I won’t provide a fix. Additionally, this article¬†assumes that you entitle Imprivata users to enroll a single badge at a time, […]

Imprivata: Seamless Credential Proxy for Published Apps

In certain cases, you may notice that an SSO profile for a Citrix-published app works as desired, but not before a user manually gives focus to the window. I have worked at more than one organization where the extra click was a total deal-breaker, and if you find yourself in need of that seamless experience, […]

Imprivata: Using Proximity Cards and Zero Clients

I have touched on the subject of troubleshooting zero clients for Imprivata usage before. However, I have been reminded in recent weeks about something I neglected to cover, and which probably deserves its own post anyway. I am referring to a commonly recurring problem that arises when one attempts to mix Imprivata, zero clients, and […]

Imprivata: OneSign Could Not Authenticate You

“OneSign could not authenticate you” is a rather generic error that can be the result of any number of different discrepancies. There are specific workflows that can cause it to appear even when everything is configured appropriately on the back-end, and there are several reasons that a user might encounter it aside from these. Unfortunately, […]